Personal Injury Lawyer Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have a personal injury case?

If you have endured an injury, whether physical, psychological, emotional or monetary, as a result of wrongful act or oversight of another, you can start a lawful case to recuperate finances for your accidents. One of the knowledgeable personal injury legal representatives at our firm will be happy to discuss your situation as well as advise you on how ideal to proceed.

Exactly what do you typically charge for an accident case?

We usually bill on what is referred to as contingency basis. This suggests that in many cases, you will not need to pay our charges for legal services unless we accomplish a negotiation or we win at a court. We would ask for that you contact one of our legal representatives to go over whether your case certifies to be demanded on a contingency fee basis.

How much will I get in damages?

How much you are entitled to get in financial problems depends upon lots of elements. The most important commonly being: the level of your injury as well as your health condition after you have completed medical therapy. A participant of our firm will review this issue with you at the initial examination.

Do I have a strong case?

This is often the very first question a client asks. The difficulty in answering this inquiry is that the response relies on the specific realities of your case. The strength of your situation is largely based on your proof and other created documents. Please call our firm to discuss your case when it comes to one of our attorneys. The call is completely free.

What’s the normal time cases take to be resolved?

Lawsuits are unpredictable. Some situations we could solve in months, various other case could last years. In any case, it is necessary making the decisions that remain in your best long interest. We could see to it you understand all the facts and all your choices.

Is there time frame for making a settlement?

Yes, there are rigorous time limits applicable to cases as well as the limits are significantly reliant after the type and also location of the crash. These time frames could differ quite considerably. As an example some settlements end within 7 days. It is important that early lawful insight is sought regarding the appropriate time frame so that the deadline for an insurance claim being made is not missed out. You do not wish to be in the unfavorable scenario where you have a genuine claim but are unable to progress your claim because you lost time to make the claim