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Disability Claims Lawyer

A disability, whether sudden, or degenerative, can leave you unable to pay for your living expenses. It’s a scary and often frustrating situation and most people look to their insurance companies for help. Making a claim may seem straightforward, but unfortunately, both long term disability claims and even short term disability claims are often denied by the insurance company on simple technicalities. It could be that the claim did not include proper medical documentation that was required by the policy or the injury/illness didn’t meet certain policy requirements. There are even times when claims are denied because the claimant may have missed a deadline.

Getting the right representation for your case

Toronto personal injury law firm knows how to help disability policyholders who have been denied access to their rightful benefits. Insurance companies can be frustratingly bureaucratic when it comes to paying desperately needed benefits, and if you find yourself in this situation, you require the services of an experienced law firm that will fight to ensure that your disability rights are respected. You have paid for this protection, and there is no reason you should have to accept anything less than comprehensive disability benefits for as long as you and your family need them.

Whether you have become disabled as a result of a car accident, a serious illness or some other personal injury, you should be able to count on the financial security promised by your insurance company. Unfortunately, many Toronto policyholders discover that their long term disability, short term disability or permanent disability benefits are not so easily obtained, when the need arises.

If you’ve been denied a disability insurance claim, you may still have options. When you suffer an illness or an injury, it’s about getting your life back together and providing for yourself and your family. Whether you are in Toronto or the surrounding area, give us an email today and we can explore your options together. Our lawyers will make sure you get your rightful disability claim and pay for the all expenses.