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From office buildings to shopping center to personal residences, property owners have the responsibility to maintain their properties in good condition and also take precautions to prevent possible injury to visitors. People, who slide, slip or fall as a result of unmarked slippery surface areas, icy pathways, broken hand rails or badly maintained staircases might be entitled to seek compensation for their injuries from property owners. Our Toronto personal injury law firm has lawyers that aare experienced and well versed in the cases of slip and fall especially around winter times. If you have been involved in a slip and fall injury, contact our lawyers right away.

Property Responsibility and the type of injuries

Property responsibility describes the obligations of a property owner, property manager, building manager or occupier to keep the residential property in a reasonable condition. They have the task to:

  • Maintain the facilities in a reasonable secure condition at all times
  • Take actions to correct any kind of flaws or risks that the proprietor, proprietor, building manager or inhabitant knew of or should have actually recognized of
  • Warn people of any type of various other dangers on the property

There are many types of injuries that come under the category of slip and fall

  1. Slip-and-fall on private property because of damp, unsafe, or icy floors, unequal floors, torn carpeting, missing out on or broken stairways or steps, slippery stairs or steps, damaged hand rails, or busted furnishings
  2. Slip-and-fall on public residential property, such as parks, sidewalks, or roads, as a result of pits, ice or snow, or other negligence or carelessness of the public body in keeping the properties
  3. Assault and injury in public or private property as a result of the failure of the proprietor, renter, inhabitant, or safety and security team as well as company to guarantee the safety of their residential property
  4. Incorrectly piled racks and fall of goods on a client, visitor, or occasionally an employee
  5. Slip and also fall in restaurants, grocery stores, bars, clubs, clubs
  6. Run-ins or attacks at taverns, pubs, bars, or clubs

It is also quite beneficial to search for lawful representation immediately after your slip as considering that evidence to sustain your insurance claim may go away quickly. You might also have to give notification of the accident to the at-fault party within a really specific allotment of time. We recommend that you take photos of the facility and scenario that resulted in your fall. Our Toronto attorneys support you through your hard time and offer legal and emotional support, one-of-a-kind to your scenario. Please call us today for further information on your slip and fall injury.